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Sufic Sorcery

The Talisman by Al Saka'ki الطلسم للسكاكي

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كتاب مهم جدا 

One copy available 

Faithful reproduction of the Original Arabic Manuscript. Some manuscripts may have blur, missing pages or black spots. one copy available. 

Green Linen wrap Hardcover with gold spine embossing, fully colored and heavily illustrated  699 pages

Very rare Farsi manuscript: The Talisman by Al Saka'ki الطلسم للسكاكي

من اخطر الكتب عن السحر والجن والطلاسم والدائن والاملاك

مخطوطة الطلسم للسكاكي

مخطوط فرسي ولا غنى لطالب العلوم الباطنية عنه فان لم تقرا فارسي تكفي المصورات وبها الطلاسم واسماء واشكال الملوك والخدام الخ

Extraordinary to say the least. this work is advanced occultism from the Sufic Persian work of al saka'ki

book contains detailed magical demonic and angelic evocation , detailed ritual with stunning illustrations

names and images of many planetary and place Genius . detailed fabrication of talisman , dream and shadow walking just to name a few 

highest level of color selections and reproduction was implemented and the colors are stunning

Sirāj al-Dīn Abū Yaʿqūb Yūsuf al-Sakkākī al-Khwārizmī (سراج الدين ابو يعقوب يوسف بن محمد السكاكي) was a Persian Muslim scholar famous for works on language, rhetoric, magic, and talismans. Like many scholars of his region and era, he wrote primarily in Arabic, although his book al-Tilasm (The Talisman) was written in Persian.

Sakkākī was born in 1160 AD (555 AH) in Khwarazm, Central Asia, where he lived most of his life.[1] He died in 1228-1229 AD (626 AH) in Qaryat al-Kindi near Farghana, in present-day Uzbekistan.[2]

Not much is known about his life. There is a hagiographical account saying that he was originally a blacksmith. When he was 30, he constructed an iron chest for the king. When he brought it to the court, he saw the members of course sitting in admiration of a man. He asked who that man was, and he was told he was a scholar. Sakkaki expressed his desire to become a scholar, at which time he was told that he was too old. In response, he dedicated himself to learning. Ten years later, he was still struggling with his studies. Frustrated, he went into the mountains, looked at the rocks, and decided that his heart (in his era, considered the center of intellect) was not harder than the rocks, rededicated himself to his studies, and became a famous scholar.[3]

In any case, it is recorded that he had connections with the state, in that he was said to have created a magical statue or image for the king at the time ('Ala al-Din Khwarazm-Shah) to use in his war against the 'Abbasid caliph al-Nasir.[4] Biographical literature also credited him with the ability to use magical powers to strike down cranes in mid-flight.[5]

While he is said to have written on a breadth of subjects, his surviving works include:

  • Miftah al-'Ulum (The Key to Knowledge, on rhetoric)[7]
  • Kitab al-Jumal (The Book of Sentences, commentary on a pre-existing work by a similar name)
  • al-Tibyan (The Clarification)
  • al-Tilasm (The Talisman, in Persian) this book listing.
  • Risalah fi 'Ilm al-Manazirah (A Treatise on Debating)
  • Kitab al-Shamil wa Bahr al-Kamil (The Encompassing Book and Ocean of Perfection)

We have many of his other work in various Manuscripts. please email us your enquiries

This is one of the bizarre manuscripts I came across and it's the most practical with a complete system and mythos . 



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