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Sufic Sorcery

The 28 Jewels (Minor Daka'Na)

the 28 jewels
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Roughly 7 of each are available this year.  1 oz container volume, 15 gms wight 


Aleph: is the First of the Letters to Come from the Point. It is the guide of it's own existence. It Connects with behavioral patterns, initiations, beginnings and Resurrections. It Connects to Al Dhat الذات (The Unknowable Divine Ipseity). it has dominion over plants. The Aleph connects to the Letters Heh and Lam. It has affinity with the moon traingle. It is the first petal of the Black Flower. The Alph works for love, Authority and Charisma.


Beh: it is the Horizontal representation of Aleph. Earth element in Weight and Degree and it is the root of all Earth Letters. The Beh is Powerfull in the Shadow Realm عالم الخيال. The Beh is Magnatic and it Magnatises and Attracts different kinds of species.


Jim: Air Element in Weight and Degree. It is the base and the root of all Air Letters. It is the placement of the Memoric Power in the human realm.


Dal: Water in weight and Degree and it is the root of all water Letters. It ties to the loci of illusions and ghosts. It is responsible for bringing things towards you. It has an evocative nature and reversing energy; specifically the reversal of space.


Heh: degree of Fire. Second sphere in descendace away from Aleph in Incubating the Fire Element. It is good for attaining degrees or levels. The Letter of Discipline. Reveals deceit and it is the Light that Unveils.


Waaw: Degree of Earth. Second sphere in Descendace. It is accessible for People who are in Charge. Good for Outlaws and Soldiers. Deals with conquering things. It connects to Shaytan شيطان Jinn Cast. Good for reversal works and it deals with Magic and Sorcery سحر وشعوذة.


Zain: Degree of Air. It's a gate to Lust and Obsession. Deals with Privacy, individuality and Independence. It ties to the application and delegation of things.


Hah: Degree of Water. It is Passive. It is responsible for the passages within the body. It ties to Love Work and Magic. it Gives access to management. It has an affinity with bones and Marine Shells and Mammals. Deals with toad Medicine.


Tah: Fire Minute. It is concerned with the Artes deeply. This Letter is Magnatic and it pulls through towards the Human Sphere. It favors people who work at the sea and it is the letter of the sea ships. Deals with binding in shape structure and image. Deals with Time Sorcery. Helps find lost objects. Lastly it conceals the Secret of the ABJD.


Yah: Earth Minute. Brings hatred between people. It has a malefic nature. It tied to blood magic. Connects to the Unseen worlds and the absent universe. It brings abundance and satisfaction and it repels the profane. It is one of the Concealed Letters.


Kaph: Air Minute. Deals with Mind Manipulation and Magnaticism and attracting different Realities. Ties to Necromancy and sense of bringing wonders.


Lam: Water with the Regulation of the vibratory steam Properly. Placement of corners. It solidifies the movement of the second attention. Deals with prosperity. Angelic operation. It is an ascending Letter.


Mem: Fire Seconds. Deals with attaining higher Maqams and Realities, Spiritual Authority and the ownership of things. Deals with Honor, Clarity and Financial security. It sets up a proper Magical Operation.


Nun: Earth Seconds. It Brings happiness, Joy, blessings and Completeness. It is the Power of Life itself. Connects to Vitality and it inspire obedience. It is deployed for the function of images.


Siin: Air Seconds. It Attracts all Species and it deals with the pulling and absorption of the Spiritual Senses. It is vampiric in Nature and causes unrest in Spirits. It is important for the storage of inorganic energy. Responsible for the delegation from spirit to human. Fast in bringing the presence if spirits in general specially with the earth Element.


'Ayn: Water Seconds. It connects to delusions, Ghostly sphere, Wars and Disputes as well. It is malefic and brings depression. Connects to Animosity. It is the Formula of the Opposer Shaytan شيطان. It brings things that are audible and verbal. It has an affinity with the Serepnt and Adam Leaving Eden جنة عدن.


Fe': Fire Thirds. It is the Rightside of 'Ayn. It is active yet still as passive. Ties to higher forms of vampirism. Works in the inner structure of man and the absorption of the zones if active. It has a lunar energy and affinity. It is good fortune. It connects to the Jinn Cast of Lies.


Saa'd: Earth Thirds. Deals with Lilith. It ties to Loss, Miscarriage and Things never coming into realization. Ties to giving permissions, Oaths and Contracts. It deals with populating energies in specific places.


Qaf: Air Thirds. It repels astral poisons. Connects to Qa'reen Double. Ties to possession and repels possession. It has a connection to magic after sunset. Awakening to things and connects to different Realities in different timelines. It ties to the Jinn Mountain of Qaff. Connects to Sorcery and Spiritual Authority. It is the name and the Named.


Re: Water Thirds. Deals with the release of trappings, freeing that which us enslaved and Salvation. It ties to remembrance ذكر and Leftside Memory. Security of adversity. It Works well on the stomach zone. It is a feminine energy. Deals with hosting and delivery of things. mystery of secrecy. It bestows on people integrity and deals with finishing up things.


Sheen: Fire Fourths. Connects to Fear, Pride, Honor and Empowerment. It connects to Sorcery. It is Lunar and has affinity with the Lunar Sphere. It is a positive steam and it prevents Contradictions. It reveals status in other people's eyes. It is a concealed Letter.


Teh: Earth Forths. Delas with the reversal of Illysionary Spheres. Connects to Insects. It connects to all Crafts, oils. Incense and cooking practices. Powerfull in working with the doubles of people and repelling. It can banish people and it can also unstuck them. It ties to angelic necromancy and speeding of workings.


Theh: Fourths Air. Connects to Qareen Jinn and Shaytan. It ties to the 'Ifrit manipulation of imagery, influence and possession of bodies. It stops vital functions. It bestows deeper understanding of non linear Time. Ties to the Memoric Pathways Connected to Otherness. This Letter holds the Energy of the Serpent. Ties to White Necromancy and deals with Fumes and Incense.


Khah: Fourth Water. It simplifies problems and repels difficulty and hardship. It deflects Harm. It connects to one's surroundings. It is the Letter of Writing and Scribes. It is the Concealed Aspect of Blood Sorcery and has a dominion over the Blood Stream.


Dthal: Fifths of Fire. it ties to burning and Fueling. It connects to the heart and the internal body parts. It is physical and spiritual in nature and it delas with both organic and inorganic. and it is malefic with integrity. It deals with the Composition of attention and influences perception and It is the burning of the core.


Daa'd: Fifths of Earth. It is Triangular and it is the Hidden Formula and Arcanum.


Thzah: Fifths of Air. It connects to divination and Scrying. It goes to Higher Angels and Higher Casts of Jinn. It deals with the face and it empowers the face through the working so one appears to the Jinn as a Jinn. It facilitates understanding between Man and Jinn. Deals with covenants and Oaths and the Capacity of managing congress.


Ghayn: Fifths of Water. Triangular Shape. Deals with prosperity and connects to wealth. It deals with the assemblage of imagery. it Ties to the Ha'uley الهيولى and Composition. It connects to Candle magic and ritual. Pushes aways oppression. It Connects to the plant kingdom. It is Earthbound and connects to Necromancy. It is the voice of seeing. And lastly it connects to ends and conclusion.



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