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Sufic Sorcery

The 7 Power Zones (Minor Daka'Na)

the 7 Zones
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 1 oz container volume, 15 gms wight 


Orbit Color

Zu’hal Black

Al Mush’tari Blue

Al Mar’ikh Red

Al Sha’ms Gold

Al Zuh’ra Mauve/purple

Uta’rid Green

Al Qa’mar Monarch Orange


ا ب ج د

ه و ز ح

ط ي ك ل

م ن س ع

ف ص ق ر

ش ت ث خ

ذ ض ظ غ


Zu’Hal زحل Fountain of Holding Power.   

Ask Zu’hal the accomplishments, the movements, the concealed and concealments of mysteries and all Saturnian work

Al Mush’tari المشتري Fountain of Growing Power.

Ask Al Mush’tari collecting of riches, money, the correction of inner vision, subduement of the flyer mind, the stilling of sorrow and the security of journeying and all Jupiter work

Al Mar’ikh المريخ Fountain of magnetic Pull.

Ask Al Mar’ikh courage, dominion over land beasts, tying of lust, subduement of enemies, fire, managing conflicts. And all Mars work

Al Shams الشمس Fountain of Animism Power

Ask Al Shams grandiose status, the drive, dominion over tyranny . And all Sun work

Al Zuh’ra الزهرة Fountain of Lust Power

Ask Al Zuh’ra happiness, love, repelling of sadness, sweet indulgences, offspring, quenching of fire, domesticating beasts. And all Venus work

Uta’rid عطارد Fountain of Mental Power

Ask the Scribe unveilment, knowing the hidden, dominion over tongue, threatening of wealth. And all Mercury work

Al Qa’mar القمر Fountain of Natural Power   

Ask Al Qa’mar easement of movements, unveiling secrets, smoke, maturity of self, possibilities, healing, grand talismans. And all Moon work

Shadow letter

Day orbit / Sphere Origin

Sphere of Saturn/Zu’Hal Saturday Orbit

Sphere of Jupiter/Mush’tari Thursday Orbit

Sphere of Mars/Mar’ikh Tuesday Orbit

Sphere of Sun/Shams Sunday Orbit

Sphere of Venus/Zuh’ra Friday Orbit

Sphere of Mercury/Uta’rid Wednesday Orbit

Sphere of Moon/Qa’mar Monday Orbit




Hot zone / Movable points

Zu’Hal - Crown / head

Al Mush’tari - 3rd eye / Right hand

Al Mar’ikh - Through / Left Hand

Al Shams - Heart / Right knee

Al Zuh’ra - Solar Plexus / Left Knee

Uta’rid - Sacrum / Right foot

Al Qa’mar - Root/ Left foot



Everything in the womb of the earth, on its surface or above its air is composed in the liking and similarity to a astral counterpart. So when the need arise to create a heavenly sphere movement to effect its lower liking earth form and once the elected sphere influence has saturated the place chosen for the work by mixing ingredients of earth three birthed: mineral, herbal and animalistic with its heavenly sphere counterpart a great movement of Ruh’ is set in motion.

Zu’hal every black mineral, intense smelling herb, and awesome animal

Al Mush’tari rubies, yellow minerals, sweet smell herbs, seeds, spices, un-harmful animals

Al Mar’ikh heat fire and pride, every hot spicy herb, predator animals

Al Shams red minerals, every long beautiful herb, helpful animals

AL Zu’hra pearls, sew herbs cattle animals

Uta’rid shiny minerals, fruitful herbs, primates animals and wolfs

Al Qa’mar silver minerals, cold herbs, reptiles 



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