The Seed of the Fourfold Black Cube

The Seed of the Fourfold Black Cube

Continuing the journey through the 13 Fold Black Flower we explored the Five Greats as the first Five Petals or the major spheres or the Circle. And we saw how the Minor Three Petals or the minor spheres have the higher honor due to their position in making the higher spheres accessible and representing the Triangle. Together both the major and the minor spheres form the 8 pointed morning Star.

The subjacent Four Petals on the Black Flower, as the Square, come in pairs: AL Heu’ely (الهيولي) and Al Ka'yal (الخيال) opens first then Al Na’fas (النَفَسْ) and Al Zi’LL (الظل) follow.

the coupling between the first pair (الهيولي) the chaos un-manifest yearning as femaleness yearns to maleness, the shadow cosmic substance of Al Ka'yal (الخيال) to or as polarity: electric and magnetic: interpret despite any social confusion or indulging sensitivities surrounding cosmic forces and their misinterpretations.

the second couple: Na’fas (النَفَسْ) the divine breath, the vapor steam by which all spirit made conscious and the power by which man have dominion over other. And Zi’LL (الظل) is the living separate independent consciousness Double matter made realized in substance and animated.

The first of these four also correlates to the third by polar opposition while the fourth and the second correlates through optimum evolutionary state. If the first is the opposite point at the end of a line then the second set is the evolution and optimum expression of the point extended along its spreading direction.

the crisscrossing of the four: the cosmic matter substance, image, shadow and the vapor steam circulating the body spins the cosmic Cube; realized.

So far we mentioned twelve of the thirteen petals of the Black Flower, leaving Al AQ’ul (العقل), the universe mental mind, to be discussed. After which actual applications of Sufic Craft will be introduced. The nature of disclosure will be built on what has been introduced, and our brief narrative of the thirteen petaled flowering darkness would prove very helpful in familiarizing any interested party with Sufic Sorcery and Dark Sufic Lore.

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