Tempering the Appearance of Disfiguration فصوص العرفان

Tempering the Appearance of Disfiguration فصوص العرفان

We discussed the major petals on the Black Flower, the Five Greats (الخمس العظام), as the macrocosmic abstract Truth. Now we look at the following minor Three petals of a microcosmic composition.

Only through the Three Minor spheres, microcosmic assemblage, accessibility and integration of the Five major spheres, Macrocosmic emanations, are made possible. Thus they retain a higher honor over the major spheres despite being of lower composition; without them knowing higher realities would not be possible.

The first of the Kali’Maht (الكلمات) is: Mah’sheir (المشاعر) Emotions, Feelings, Impulse, instinct. The second is Zah’KeRah (الذاكرة) Memory, Impression and the Third is Fih’Mah (الفهم) understanding, comprehension, reason Intellect, the force driving an intellectual roadmap. Like their predecessors not to be confined to their linguistic equivalency in man’s worldly catalogue.

These Three spheres represent the three angles forging The First Mind Triangle; which is also the triangle of evocation of the Arte, through which Acausal erects in corporeal reality.

In composition, the Three Minor spheres are related to the microcosm, The faculty of Feelings, Mah’sheir (المشاعر) the sense, all impulses and instinct which moves the pressure circulating the luminous body. Memory, Zah’KeRah (الذاكرة) invoking imagery and stories accompanied by Feeling; while the Ha’fizah (الحافظة) assembles the selected memories giving images context. Leading to Understanding.

Understanding, Fih’Mah (الفهم) asserts the feeding between Emotional and Memoric pathways leading behavioral patterns assemblies governing the projected Emotion/Image. Memoric influence as an access point to Left-side Memory is of great importance and to be explored on its own later. As such: Emotion Mah’sheir (المشاعر), Memory Zah’KeRah (الذاكرة), Understanding Fih’Mah (الفهم) the triangle is erect.

The importance of the Three minors is also in forming the First Mind Triangle, the first of “The Ten Mind Triangles” (العقول العشر) AQu’ol Ash’rh by which the Basils of Gnosis (فصوص العرفان) opens on the flower complete.

This is the triangle of evocation you see in all traditions, substituted for and populated by names of power, religious deities, or demonic intelligences; incepted under the influence of the composer’s own Mind Triangle and religioculture lance.

cross any system with an evocation triangle, always retain the three underlining fundamentals to Fire-Up Cosmic-neurotransmitters for spirit manifestation and other movements on Left-side attention. The outcome of evocation is still effected by the elected Names and system but the gauging point to infinity are the microcosmic mind triangulating assemblages.

Has anyone questioned why the use of an evocation triangle? and why a circle?

Jinn and Inorganic Intelligence influences need a memoric pathway, a provocation of emotional energy interacting with the Image. Both Emotion and Memory connects a feeding process “marrying” an image or projected story invokes emotional energy impulse, and the emotional energy in turn provokes the image storyline. By yoking “marrying” the two a third is born which is the comprehension or esoteric gnosis ..

Understanding of the union realized and manifested.

Under the premise that attention is what consolidates matter, the genii provocation, as such, and its realization relies upon these three points with the third being its actual corporeal materialization as the sum total of the triangle of manifestation. Not a triangle of containment.

With the bestowment of the Great Five petals, as the Circle, and erecting the minor Three, as the Triangle, we have the formation and assembly of the Morning Star or the Eight pointed star: the 8 directions. Attainment and mastery of the 8 points mysteries allows the manageability of the collapsed wall between the worlds, consolidating gabs into vortexes and assembling gateways permitting the assemblage of attention with new habitual positions on the Left-side of Awareness.

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